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Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin Does Something Stupid

ESPN football analyst Michael Irvin says he's sorry for his comments on Dan Patrick's national radio show a week ago that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's athletic ability must be due to African-American heritage.


Irvin said he tries to bring fans inside the world of the locker room. But he admitted he "crossed the line" when he joked some slave "brother" must have had relations with one of Romo's maternal ancestors. "Certainly, in this case I crossed the line," he said. "I need to learn how to better draw the line between bringing people into the locker room and the boundaries I should not go past as a broadcaster."

Are they finally going to can this guy's ass? I thought they would back when he was found with the pipe that he insisted belonged to his buddy or something. He never did explain why the cops said he looked so blazed, however.
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