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Interesting with (minor) implications for ESPN

While watching the NHL Eastern Conference Finals (Go Canes!) I saw a commercial about OLN changing its name to Vs. A bit more info:

STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) — The Outdoor Life Network is changing its name to vs. The new name will take effect in September, in time for the NHL season, OLN announced Monday.

"vs. is a word that perfectly captures the essence of our brand. It is immediate shorthand for competition and has a range that can suit everything from stick and ball sports, to bull riding, to field sports," network president Gavin Harvey said. "We felt it was a slam dunk, and sports fans we talked to all agreed."

The network, which began soliciting suggestions for a new name about a year ago, said vs. was chosen "not only for its bold nature, but because it universally evokes competition."

"Whether it is man vs. man, man vs. beast or team vs. team, the channel will celebrate sports at its best, where athletes and sportsmen compete at their highest levels with the greatest passion," the network said in a statement.

The new name will be accompanied by a new logo, which will be unveiled in the next few months. The campaign to change the identify of OLN to vs. will come right before the NHL season and will include an "extensive, off-network consumer branding campaign."

Before acquiring the rights to the cable broadcasts of NHL games, OLN was best known for covering Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France.

(from USAToday source)
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