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ESPN nixes Quite Frankly w/ Stephen A. Smith

That'll Be All For "Quite Frankly"

That'll Be All For "Quite Frankly"

stephenagone.jpgWe haven't received any definitive confirmation, but there are rumors swirling this morning that, after last night's taping of "Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith," ESPN executive vice president Norby Williamson -- Norby! -- informed the show's staff that the program has been canceled and will air its final episode tonight. The rumors are that Norby told all the swingers himself.

The show has been plagued by awful ratings since its ridiculously high-profile launch more than a year ago -- the reasons for the low ratings vary, ranging from the general unlikability of its host to the fact that no one can stand the guy whose name is in the show -- and Stephen A., a few months ago, seemed to acknowledge the show was close to shuffling off this mortal coil.

"I don't know [whether the show will make it to a second anniversary]. I don't know if I'm going to want to [continue]. ... For me it never has been about just being on TV. I'm about success."

We have no confirmation on this, and it could be bunk, but that's what we're hearing, anyway. A sad day. Totally. Seriously. Really.

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(UPDATE: Synergy Sports has an email from a staffer saying the show is kaput. Here's what the staffer wrote:

"Hi, i work on the show and it just got shit canned today. No on knew until 5pm, we shot the last show before we knew it was the last show then they rounded everyone up and told them at the same time. I knew it was over shortly before it was announced when someone told me they were instructed to "change the locks" on certain equipment closets.")

(SECOND UPDATE: We now have official confirmation: The show's over, gang.)
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i was wondering what happened to it.
i had it programmed on my DVR and hadn't caught it in awhile.

shit. i liked Smith a lot.